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The LED 4301AW material used now is GaAsP, glowing red (lambda p=650nm). At 20 ma, the luminous flux is only a few thousandths of a lumen, and the corresponding luminous efficiency is about 0.1 lumen/watt. In the mid-1970s, the introduction of In and N LED to green light (lambda p=555nm), yellow light (lambda p=590nm) and orange light (lambda p=610nm), and the light efficiency was also improved to 1 lumen/watt. By the early 1980s, GaAlAs's LED 4301AW light source emerged, bringing the light efficiency of red leds to 10 lumens per watt. In the early 1990s, the development of two new materials, GaAlInP with red light and yellow light, and GaInN with green light and blue light, LED light 4301AW efficiency was greatly improved. In 2000, the former LED had a light efficiency of 100 lumens per watt in the red and orange area (lambda p=615nm), while the latter white 4301AW LED had a light efficiency of 50 lumens per watt in the green area (lambda p=530nm).

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