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LED 7 segment 5461AS advantages: high electro-optical conversion efficiency, nearly 60%, green environmental protection, long life, up to 100,000 hours, low working voltage, about 3V, repeated switch lossless life, small size, less heat, high brightness, rugged and durable, easy dimmable, diverse colors, concentrated and stable light beam, no delay in starting; Disadvantages: high starting cost, poor color rendering, high power LED 5461AS 7 segment low efficiency, constant current drive, need special drive circuit. In contrast, all kinds of traditional lighting have some defects. Incandescent lamp: low electro-optical conversion efficiency, about 10%, short life, about 1000 hours, high heating temperature, single color and low color temperature; Fluorescent lamp: electrooptical conversion efficiency is not high, about 30%, harmful to the environment, mercury and other harmful elements, about 3.5-5mg/ only, unadjustable brightness, 5461AS low voltage can not start luminescence, ultraviolet radiation, flicker phenomenon, slow start, the price of rare earth raw materials, the proportion of fluorescent powder in the cost increased from 10% to 60-70%, repeated switching influence life; Large volume. High pressure gas discharge lamp: large power consumption, unsafe use, short life, heat dissipation problem, mostly used for outdoor lighting. The Chinese academy of sciences has improved the quantum efficiency of perovskite LED 7 segment 5461AS to 20.7%.

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